About Us

About Us


I drove to South Carolina and bought 2 dogs Sarah was orange and white (O/W) and Rebecca was black and white (B/W). I didn't know anything more about the breed than that they were called French Brittany's. I bought them because a friend told me they were close working bird dogs.

Sarah was an awesome hunter who stole my heart the minute I saw her. Becky was content to hunt or not. I learned so much because of those two dogs. I began researching and discovered the actual name of the breed is Epagnuel Breton and the country of origin is France.


I went with a friend, Don Poe, to France's national dog show. I learned so much and found so many new friends. That was the year I purchased my first import, Aberdon Stuckbon Dugialll, (Doogie) from Anne Massie,

Doogie was a awesome dog!

2003 National Show

It was in the Normandy region, so I had another reason to visit. There I found and met my Epagnuel Breton mentor Patricia and Allen Rush, Patouche Kennel. http://brittanyspaniels.co.uk/family-companions/


Was another exciting year, I traveled to England to pick up Patouche Victoria. Again I learned so much from my European mentors.


Another trip to the French nationals. I was given the opportunity to be the body guard for national winner, Patouche Toscane. My mentor set me up with a puppy from one of the best breeders, he was chosen out of 6 male puppies, Arius de St. Lubin. (Rest In Peace beloved friend 5/21/2021)


My first litter of Epagnuel Bretons with Arius de St. Lubin X Patouche Victoria, was delivered. We put together a seminar in St. Louis. French judge Jacques Bordet came to the United States to educate us about Epagnuel Bretons. Of course my mentor, Patricia Rush, helped in bringing him here. We had 26 Americans present including; Bill & Liz Kelley, Don & Linda Rice, Kevin Pack, Von Lilly, Angie Hites & her husband. just to name a few.


Was the 100 year anniversary of the breed. Naturally, I had to go visit friends and become more knowledgeable. I had another litter with Patouche Victoria X Arius de Saint Lubin, produced an awesome dog Cortin des grand lacs (Corey), Master Hunter (MH).


Had another litter with Patouche Victoria X Arius de Saint Lubin, produced Etenard des Grand Lacs (ET), Multiple Championship Awards.


After relocating to Texas and several personal setbacks, I am happy to be restarting my Kennel having traveled to England to pick up Patouche Nadine.


Welcome the first litter from Kennel Great Lakes EB of Texas! Etendard des Grand Lacs X Patouche Nadine.